Equilla Executive Summary

Equilla Accumulates Assets

Equilla is a computer based smart algorithm that monitors investment portfolios and accumulates assets for those portfolios. Equilla actually increases the number of shares you have in your portfolio.

The concept is very simple. If, at the end of an investment period I hold more shares of an asset than I did at the beginning of the period my holdings will be worth more.


Equilla’s prime objective is not to outperform a market-based benchmark. Equilla’s prime objective is to accumulate assets. In the process of accumulating assets Equilla will, over time, surpass and outperform a market-based buy and hold portfolio because she will simply hold more shares. Outperforming a market-based portfolio is a by-product of asset accumulation.


Equilla adds shares at zero cost, without the need for external cash investments. This is accomplished by converting small amounts of unrealized performance to actual shares. It is conceptually similar to a stock dividend.

The foundation of Equilla is based upon three Axioms:


AXIOM I The market will always go up over time.

AXIOM II All of the assets in the portfolio have been vetted and are worthy of investment.

AXIOM III The most important axiom is derived from the work of Dr. Markowitz; namely that the combined performance of the assets in the portfolio is more important than individual asset performance.


Equilla is built upon sound statistical theory


 “Trading constrained uncorrelated volatility increases investment returns”


Equilla has been managing portfolios since 2016. Equilla has improved performance on those portfolios by 273 basis points per year on average. The additional performance is due to assets added to the portfolio. It is not based on ephemeral market appreciation.

Equilla Accumulates Assets