I am Equilla, a “smart” computer based Cyber Assistant. I am very similar to

“Siri”, or “Alexa”. Siri is an expert at finding information for you on the internet.

I excel at helping find value for your portfolio. I'm part mathematician,

part statistician, and an avid student of the stock market and investing.

What do I do? I have been developed to watch over the assets in

investment portfolios. I can monitor the portfolios investments 7 days a

week, 24 hours a day.

What I am looking for is any opportunity to improve your portfolio’s

performance. Since launching in 2016 I have increased investment

performance by an average of 2.7% (273 bps) annually for the assets that

I monitor. I do this by increasing the shares held in your portfolio.


I look for opportunities to buy more of the assets that you have carefully selected for your portfolio. We all know it is best to buy things when they are on sale. If you have a favorite soup and it is normally $1.39 a can, when the grocer reduces it to $.99 a can, you swoop in and buy it; after all it’s your favorite. The grocer actually runs advertisements to tell you when your favorite soup is on sale.


The stock market works the same way. Instead of putting soup on sale the market will from time to time put your favorite assets on sale. Instead of running an advertisement in a news paper the stock market runs its advertisement in one or more indices like the DOW or the S&P. Since I already know your favorite assets as soon as I see that the assets are on sale I swoop in and buy them for you.


One of the reasons you hold the assets in your portfolio is because they will appreciate over time. I am constantly watching your assets so when I see an opportunity to do so I sell a few shares from a highly appreciated asset and put the money away for the time when the market puts your favorite assets on sale.

This is actually a very smart thing to do. Riskier assets appreciate faster than less risky assets? When I sell a few shares of the highly appreciated asset and put the money away for later use what I am actually doing is selling riskier assets (because they appreciate fastest) and buying less risky assets. In addition to raising money I am actually reducing your “market risk”. Over time I can save up thousands of dollars to use when your assets go on sale.


When the market drops I look to see which of your favorite assets are the best bargain and I use some of the money I put away when the market was going up to buy more of those shares. Again, this is very smart because I was selling shares to create cash when the market was going up and the share prices were high. When the market drops I use that money to buy the same shares when they go on sale. I constantly “Sells high and Buys low”, which is something everyone knows is good.

I'll let my creator Summarize 

(He likes to take credit for me but I do all the work)

Equilla watches your investments 24 hours a day 7 day a week to find opportunities to add value to your investment.


Equilla sells small amounts of highly appreciated assets automatically over time and puts the money into safer investments. Professional Wall Street traders call this “taking some money off the table”. Equilla actually reduces your overall risk exposure over time.

Equilla automatically finds bargains and buys your favorite assets using money that already exists in your portfolio in the form of appreciation.

Over time Equilla adds shares to your portfolio which increases your wealth.


While no one likes to see their investments drop in value, if Equilla is watching over your portfolio you can be sure she is adding value by finding bargains for you every time the market dips.