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What this site is about

The purpose of this Blog Site is to show case Equilla, the smart algorithm that I have been working on since early 2014. By the way, my name is Bob. You can learn a little more about me by clicking the "Meet Bob" tab on the main menu. The real "Star of the show" however, is Equilla.

You can learn about the general concepts used in the Equilla model by cruising the tabs on this site. From time to time I will publish specific topics related to Equilla which I think are interesting. I love statistics, investments (i.e. the stock market) and particularly writing code. I am fluent in a number of computer languages going all the way back to COBOL and FORTRAN. (If you know those languages you just admitted you're a Geezer).

I hope you will find this stuff as interesting as I do. Admittedly you have to be a bit of a nerd to enjoy a site like this so if you've actually gotten this far we just may be kindred spirits. I also hope you will tell me what you think about the concepts and ideas we will be discussing. If you have an opinion I'd like to hear it. If you think I'm off base let me know. I'm not always 100% correct (I can provide independent corroboration), but I am ready to learn.

P.S. Even if you're not a nerd you are welcome to take a look around.

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