What Equilla IS NOT


Computer based models and strategies for managing investments abound today. It is natural, when we encounter something unfamiliar we attempt to relate the "new" concept with something we already know and understand. It gives us a base for learning. While that can provide orientation the danger is that the characteristics of the "familiar" thing (both good and bad) may be unwittingly transferred to the "new" thing. I wanted to give you a list of things Equilla might be compared to. Equilla is really none of these things.

Momentum model

Factor based investment strategy

Traditional Growth model

Traditional Value model

Smart Beta/Strategic Beta

Modern Alpha

Modern Alpha (does not track an index – tracks alpha generating traits)

Any form of derivative

Risk Parity

Any type of hedging strategy

Any type of option or leverage strategy (Puts, Calls, Straddles, etc.)

Any type of short strategy

A portfolio optimization model

A diversification strategy

A naïve allocation strategy

An asset allocation model

A traditional re-balancing model

Any form of arbitrage (currency, risk, commodity, price, etc.)

Predictive analytics model

Equilla does one thing, Equilla accumulates assets